Jewellery care

Customer care

At Angel Jewels our jewellery is made up of durable stainless steel or coated in two layers of 18k gold over brass.

We aspire to deliver high quality jewellery at a low price but unfortunately, gold plated jewellery does not last forever as it is not made up of pure gold. However, your jewellery can stay looking shiny for years as long as you take good care of your pieces and follow all the steps below:

* Avoid soaps, bleach, lotions, sanitiser and purfumes. These products contain chemicals that could eat away the plating and remove the shine from your jewellery over time. If your jewellery does get wet, pat it dry.

* Avoid showeing and swimming while wearing your pieces and avoid exercising while wearing our jewellery as sweat can cause gold plated jewellery to tarnish.

* Our stainless steel pieces are water safe. However, if you want to preserve its colour and shine for as long as possible, we suggest you do this as little as you can.

* Remove your jewellery before bed as necklaces can get caught while you're sleeping which could result in your jewellery breaking.

* Handle your jewellery with love and care when fastening and removing them to avoid breaking your pieces.

Storing your jewellery:

* Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place so the metal cannot react. Every piece of jewellery comes with an organza bag, use the bag provided or simply keep your jewellery in a safe place to avoid it from getting tangled or scratched.

Cleaning your jewellery:

* To simply clean your jewellery wipe them over periodically with a soft, clean cloth to maintain its shine. Do not use chemical cleaners as this may result in removing the plating from your jewellery.

Handling your jewellery with love and care and following these tips will make your jewellery last as long as possible.

Warranty policy:

* We are not liable for items broken due to not following jewellery care.