Esme ring

Esme ring

£10.99 GBPOn sale

Add a touch of colour to your jewellery with our Esme ring. This unique gold ring features a beautiful opal at the centre for that extra sparkle.
You may have a hard time choosing between the Green, Pink, Blue or White but no matter which one you choose the Esme ring is the perfect piece to add to your collection.

This ring is adjustable. Please be gentle when adjusting it as aggressively pulling it may lead to it getting broken or damaged.
To adjust the size, pinch once it’s on your finger to make it smaller or carefully pull it apart to widen it.

Item details:
- 18k double gold-plated brass ring
- Adjustable ring
- Sold separately
- Choose between green, white, pink, or blue
- Synthetic opal

Esme ring Image 2 Esme ring Image 3 Esme ring Image 4 Esme ring Image 5
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