Heart of fire necklace

Heart of fire necklace

£10.99 GBPOn sale

Are you looking for a simple, dainty necklace that is super pretty and still makes a statement? Then you’ve finally found it!

This stunning heart of fire necklace is the perfect piece to add to your necklace stack. Pair it with our Paris chain to take your outfit to the next next level.

We have both silver or gold to choose from so whether you’re a gold or silver jewellery kinda person we have it for you.

Item details:
* 18ct double gold/platinum plated over brass
* Cadmium, lead and nickel free
* Pendant size - 1.4mm wide, 2.1mm long, 3mm thick
* 16” stainless steel chain with a 2” extension chain
* Gold or silver

Heart of fire necklace  Image 2 Heart of fire necklace  Image 3 Heart of fire necklace  Image 4 Heart of fire necklace  Image 5
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