Starfish necklace

Starfish necklace

£15.99 GBP

Take yourself back to simpler times at the beach with our Starfish necklace. Inspired by the beauty of the sea and its creatures, it’s a beautiful piece of ocean life you can wear every day. Even if you dive deep into the depths of the ocean, you’ll be unable to find a starfish quite like this one!

The starfish necklace is the ultimate symbol of serenity, inviting calm and tranquillity into our daily lives. Starfish are known to renew and re-grow, this reminds us to embrace change with an open mind. The most perfect gift for ocean lovers.

Pair it with the Starfish earrings to make the cutest ocean set!

Item details:
- Natural freshwater pearl
- Stainless steel Starfish pendant
- Pendant size - 1.5cm wide x 1.7cm long
- 304 stainless steel cable chain
- 16” chain

Starfish necklace  Image 2 Starfish necklace  Image 3 Starfish necklace  Image 4 Starfish necklace  Image 5
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